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ClearTelecomUS Ltd
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 4 reviews
by Kobrien on ClearTelecomUS Ltd
User friendly!

I was referred to the website/pre paid calling card for use on a pay phone by an acquaintance, anything seemed better than the last option I was down to (at&t). Connection fees are so high and prices of other cards alone had yet to be under $35.00 US so I decided for the price of $20.00 I would try ClearTelecomUS. The website has a few glitches and tends to freeze when scrolling near the bottom of a page HOWEVER the service has been great. No hidden fees, user friendly, and easy to reload selected amount. I highly recommend!

Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate it.
We hope you enjoyed our service and always promise to do our best to provide a service that can add value of using it.

by Bishboppin on ClearTelecomUS Ltd
Website is still trash

You can't convince me this isn't easily one of the worst websites on the internet. These ads feel like spam viruses it definitely is not like every other website on the internet but nice try. Have purchased calling card and am still waiting to see where my pin is displayed or any relevant information telling me about my pin. Clarity is important, whoever manages this website should look into it. Making a shit website is your fault, not mine.

Dear Customer,

Thanks for your feedback and we really appreciate it.

We already mentioned, notified and descriped it clearly that your order will be processed with 24 hours or less as all orders must be reviewed, approved then processed and once the order been processed, you will receive your new account details by email and if you carefully read the description of the item that you ordered, you will find all these details mentioned and clearly listed on the item description.

As per your order, you placed your order and we processed it with in 1 hour after you placed it and there was an email sent to you with your new account details and the instruction of how to use the service as well.

You can check your email (inbox and spam or junk) and you will find it and you can get your account details from there as well as know how to use the service.

Also, if as you mention that our website, is looking shit and it also looks like a spam viruses, why you trust like this site and place your order?, aren't you feeling it is not a safe website to place an order with and paying money for a website as your description?, aren't you feeling that your money may be lost by like that untrusted, spam viruses and shit website?, what are the reason that made you trust a website like that and toke a decision to place your order and pay your money?

Finally, thanks for your order and for your feedback.

Thanks and best regards.

by Austin Bishop on ClearTelecomUS Ltd
This website

This website is trash. Ads everywhere and where the hell does it display my pin. Stupid af

Dear Customer,

Thanks for your feedback and we really appreciate it.

As we review your feedback and your orders as well, we found that you did not read the instructions of the item that you ordered as we mentioned in the item "Calling time credit top up (open price)", that you have to use this item only if you have an existing account and you want to add money to your existing account.

You don't have an existing account with us, so, how come you want to add money to a non existing account as per your item in that order.

 If you want to start a new account and get your pin number, you have to use this item "Prepaid payphone calling card for US", if you want to get a calling card for payphone.

This fault is yours not ours as you did not read and follow the steps as we instruct on the item description before you placed your order.

Also, as your order was placed incorrectly, we will cancel and refund it back to you.

Regarding the advertisements, all websites display advertisements and you can find it everywhere on the internet.


Thanks and best regards.

by Mary Witbeck on ClearTelecomUS Ltd
Pay Phone Calling Card

Thanks for all of your help with getting this card. It is working very well. I was able to provide it for my son, who is using it. His first call was to me. I was very happy to hear from him. It would probably make a great Christmas gift for a loved one who is away from home, with no cell phone. I was thrilled with the excellent service that I had from this company. It was beyond my expectations and the people who work for this company are great. I received the information I needed in a very timely fashion, and also very patient with me. Thanks again for the great service

Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate it.
We hope you enjoyed our service and always promise to do our best to provide a service that can add value of using it.